Marine Sonic Technology

a Brand of Atlas North America

Marine Sonic Technology

a Brand of Atlas North America

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Key Features

Dual Simultaneous Transmission
Stainless Steel Construction
Built in Variable Angle Bracket
Shock Resistant Nosecone
Adaptive CHIRP
One Piece Ring Fin
Altimeter / Depth Sensor
100m & 30m Cables Standard


Search & Recovery (Victim & Evidence)
Security Scans for Piers, Docks, & Bridges
Vessel Hull Searchs & Inspections
Terrain Mapping & Obstruction Surveys
Archaeological & Biological Surveys
Salvage, Treasure, & Diving Surveys

The ARC Explorer Mk II is the newest generation of Marine Sonic’s towed side scan sonar designed for search, survey, and recovery applications. The Adaptive CHIRP Technology provides the highest imaging quality possible from a side scan sonar and supports ranges up to 60% greater than non-Adaptive CHIRP systems. The high resolution imaging and simultaneous dual frequency operation in conjunction with a fully adjustable tow point and transducer angle make it an ideal tool for survey and infrastructure inspection applications that require a high level of flexibility. The rugged construction and a 300m depth rating in a one-man portable system more than fulfill the needs of the search & recovery and security communities.

System overview

The ARC Explorer Mk II comes with a rugged stainless-steel tow fish and a portable, watertight topside processor including a powerful, ruggedized laptop to operate in extreme conditions. Two dual frequency options are available to fit the needs of various applications. The 600/1200kHz option provides the ideal compromise between high range and high resolution, whereas the 900kHz/1800kHz option is optimized for applications that require ultra-high resolution imagery in order to detect very small targets in the first survey pass reducing the time and cost of the operation. The small form factor of all system components as well as the weight optimized design make the ARC Explorer Mk II ideal for one-man operation on small vessels of opportunity. 30m and 100m lightweight, Kevlar tow cable are included with the Mk II providing flexibility for different applications and simplified cable management on those smaller platforms. Customer specified-lengths are, however, also available. Like all Marine Sonic Technology products, the ARC Explorer Mk II comes with the user-friendly and self-explanatory Sea Scan Survey acquisition and review software.

Full flexibility

The ARC Explorer Mk II employs simultaneous dual frequency operation with user selectable range and range delay settings per frequency. This new feature provides the operator the ability to acquire high resolution images to the extent of the chosen frequency without sacrificing the range extents of the low frequency channels. An integrated variable angle tow point and transducer angle adjustments provide ultimate imaging flexibility and allow for the inspection of bridges, piers, harbor walls and offshore platforms as well as vessel hulls. Further options are available such as a depressor, keel weights, and pole mounts for added versatility. Marine Sonic Technology believes that every mission is different and may require specialized equipment. To meet the requirements of your mission, Marine Sonic Technology offers a variety of customization options including 150kHz and 300kHz low frequency transducers, magnetometer integration, and build-to-order tow fish designs.  

Robust design with low lifecycle costs

The ARC Explorer Mk II tow fish is constructed using marine grade stainless-steel and comes with a safety, quick-release mechanism to prevent the loss of the tow fish should it strike an object during the survey. Its modular construction minimizes maintenance costs and maximizes upgrade capabilities. All system components are packaged in watertight, dust-proof, and chemical resistant hard cases designed to meet military test requirements to provide the upmost in protection during shipping and storage. Because we trust in the design and quality of our products, the ARC Explorer Mk II comes with the same Marine Sonic Technology standard 3-year limited warranty that’s provided on all of our systems.

Great customer service

Marine Sonic Technology is known in the industry for exceptional customer service. All systems come with a full day of formal training on the technology and system as well as 24/7 technical support for those late-night missions where time is of essence. Our trainers and customer service representatives have many years of experience as first responders and know the everyday challenges in survey, search & recover operations by heart.






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