ARC Fish Depressor

• Utilizes Adaptive rM CHIRP
• Billet Aluminum Towfish
• Built in Variable Angle Bracket
• Wetmate Connectors
• Interchangeable Transducers
• Integrated Expansion Ports
• Detachable Fins
• 100m & 30M Cables included
• 100% Made in the U.S.A

Marine Sonic Technology is innovating the side-scan sonar market yet again with our newest generation side-scan sonar in the Sea Scan ARC towed system. Our ARC Generation systems utilize our latest proprietary technology, Adaptive CHIRP. This technology provides extended ranges (see specs for expected ranges), minimal power consumption, and more accurate results for faster surveys, both critical components of side-scan sonar missions.

The Sea Scan ARC Explorer tow fish is constructed using hard anodized billet aluminum, stainless steel, and durable polymers. It features a built in Variable Angle Tow Point for ultimate imaging flexibility. Field replaceable transducers allow the user to quickly adapt the sonar to various conditions without com­promising range or resolution. Up to four frequencies can be installed on the same tow fish at any time. Modular construction minimizes the maintenance costs and maximizes upgrade capability.

Marine Sonic Technology is excited about our new Sea Scan ARC technology, and we are looking forward to employing it in our new systems for years to come. Marine Sonic Technology's Sea Scan ARC Explorer tow fish will include removable fins. With only one screw, you can remove all four back fins providing a slimmer profile to fit a smaller case. This allows better portability in the same rugged style as before. We're also introducing our first tow fish with a wet-mate towcable connector for added system safety!

As with all Marine Sonic Technology systems, it comes with our unparalleled customer-service experience including a standard 1 day in-house training (on-location also available for an additional fee), a 3-year limited warranty, and TRUE 24/7 technical support for those late night missions where time is of the essence.

The system is powered by AC or DC voltage, and as standard with our previous models, the Sea Scan ARC Explorer comes with a quick-release mechanism to prevent the loss of the tow fish should it strike an object during the survey. The ARC Generation will continue to use the highly praised Sea Scan Survey acquisition and review software which is designed for Windows-based PC's and is widely known for its ease of use.

The system components are packaged in rugged, hardened, and watertight cases to provide the utmost in protection during shipping and storage.





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