Sea Scan® ARC SCOUT™ System

The Sea Scan® ARC SCOUT™ Key Features:

  • Utilizes Adaptive™CHIRP
  • Dual Simultaneous Frequencies
  • Ultra Compact Design
  • Minimal Power Consumtion
  • Seamless Transition from SSPC
  • Extended Ranges
  • Fast Simple installation
  • Meets NOAA & NO Standards
  • 100% Made in the U.S.A

Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd. is revolutionizing the AUV market once again by introducing the incredibly powerful ultra compact Sea Scan® ARC “Scout”.

This High Resolution, Dual Simultaneous Frequency, Adaptive™ CHIRP Embedded system will allow for extended ranges while using less than 30 watts. Its unbelievable small size will fit almost any AUV system and give you back that extremely valuable space for additional payload.

Its a very fast and simple install. Virtually “Plug & Play” for new instillations and allows for seamless transition from Sea Scan PC using your existing transducers.

The Sea Scan® ARC “Scout” is 100% Made in the U.S.A. and meets or exceeds NOAA & NO compliance standards. Scout your next mission and see what you have been missing!