Sea Scan® HDS Embedded AUV System

The standard Sea Scan® HDS Embedded AUV System

  • High Definition Images
  • Easy Setup and Operation
  • DC Powered
  • Low power Consumption

Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd’s Sea Scan® HDS (High-Definition SONAR) Embedded system is our first digital side-scan SONAR system designed specifically for the Automated Vehicle market. In 2008, Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd released their Sea Scan® HDS side-scan SONAR embedded system after 3 years of development. Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd revolutionized the side-scan SONAR market by introducing the highest definition SONAR image ever before seen. Built with state of the art technology, it provided the most bang for your buck, in a streamlined package made for simple setup, take down, and storage.

HDS is compatible with most Windows computers, including 64-bit systems. It’s topside unit is small and easy to manage, and the entire system runs for up to 8 hours on a small 12 volts DC battery. It can operate with or without a computer and provides simultaneous data distribution over serial or Ethernet and on-board data storage using a compact flash card. The total power draw can be under 10 watts, depending on the selected configuration. The reduced size of the system allows the system to be integrated onto vehicles of all types and classes.

The new digital system uses narrow beam-width transducers with high power transmitters and low noise receivers to provide the highest image clarity and range. The digital transmission of data between the transducers and the SAM allows for greater cable lengths and reduced noise interference. The transducer design provides signal compression and a higher resolution data collection to improve the overall resolution of the system to 12bit data. This combination allows the user to collect data in a raw format and post process it as required without worry of loosing data in the process. Real-time data collection is also flexible allowing for the adjustment of data resolution, ranges and range delay in minute increments.

As with all Marine Sonic Technology, Ltd. systems, the Sea Scan® HDS comes with our unparalleled customer-service experience including a standard 1 day in-house training (on-location also available for an additional fee), a 3-year limited warranty, and 24/7 technical support for those late night missions where time is of the essence.