Sea Scan HDS Towed System Software

  • V3.5.0 February 2014
    Sea Scan Survey - Download   Sea Scan Survey V3.5.0 Download

    • .Added a new option for calculating the Sonar Depth to the Layback window. This method works with the 1st bottom return (Altitude) and a depth sounder (Total Water Depth). This can be used when the 1st surface return is not visible.
    Bug Fixes
    • RFixed a bug in the Marker Event window where a Waypoint would be reclassified as a Marker when the Waypoint Name and Description was modified.
    • Retargeted the trace.txt file go to C:\ root folder.
    • Retargeted the HDS driver logfile, "stu_sonar.log", to the C:\root folder.
    • Fixed the web link to the downloads since we have a new website. The link is now :
    • Fixed a formatting problem when the time was being printed where the decimal seconds would have a leading zero.
    • Rewrote the SDS data stream time synchronization routine to better handle occasional timing issues with SYNC packets. This would cause sonar data to be dropped.
    • None.

  • V3.3.0 August 2013
    Sea Scan Survey - Download   Sea Scan Survey V3.3.0 Download

    • Rewrote the waterfall subsampling algorithm to be more flexible and faster.
    Bug Fixes
    • Rewrote the waterfall subsampling algorithm to handle different sample sizes for each channel.
    • None.

  • V3.2.0 July 2013
    Sea Scan Survey - Download   Sea Scan Survey V3.2.0 Download

    • Rewrote the NMEA Parser Latitude/Longitude parsing functions so that it is not bothered by non-standard Longitude GPS strings.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a reduction in precision in the NMEA Manager that degraded the precision Latitude/Longitude positions from double precision to a single precision.
    • None.

  • V3.1.0 June 2013
    Sea Scan Survey - Download   Sea Scan Survey V3.1.0 Download

    • None.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the projected swath did not get wider when changing ranges when layback NOT enabled.
    • Fixed the nav plotter takes WAY too long to display the swath.
    • Fixed support for the data flags in SNR2 SDS packets. Added support for older SNR1 packets.
    • Fixed delete event marker from the plotter window.
    • Fixed command line opening of files.
    • None.

  • V3.0.3 June 2013
    Sea Scan Survey - Download   Sea Scan Survey V3.0.3 Download

    • None.
    Bug Fixes
    • The XTF converter would fail when converting surveys with no SONAR data in the first file.
    • The XTF converter would fail or crash when converting single files (not in a survey).
    • Navigation data was not being generated in the Simulated Sonar.
    • The projected swath in the navigation plotter was not being drawn.
    • The settings were not being applied when the OK button was clicked.
    • None.

  • V3.0.0 April 2013
    Sea Scan Survey - Download   Sea Scan Survey V3.0.0 Download

    • Added Support for the Sea Scan ARC Explorer side scan SONAR system.
    • Added support for Layback events.
    • Chart plotter now auto re-centers when near the edge (not outside of the edge).
    • Marker and Layback events are now shown in the waterfall. Use the Show Data Events in the "Waterfall Features" settings.
    • Double clicking on a Marker Event shown in the waterfall shows the Marker Tooltip.
    • All printed time/dates reflect GMT time zone.
    • Improved the de-logging algorithm.
    • Waterfall Captures now support JPEG format. Report Waterfall Captures are in JPEG format.
    • Changed the new computer default window placement and default settings (most notably units to US units)
    • Application can be set to defaults see the Load Application Defaults button on the Application Settings page.
    • Added the Range And Bearing tool window. It will guide the user to the currently selected waypoint or marker event.
    • Waterfall can be moved 1 line at a time by using the arrow keys.
    • Registry settings can be ignored by holding the Left Shift key down while the application starts.
    • Added support for Magnetometers. Supports: Proton4, Sea Spy, G-880, G-866, and ASCII
    • The Status Window now shows Left/Right/Up/Down for sonar orientation in addition to +- degrees.
    • Application now has an "Advanced Mode" for troubleshooting.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug in the NMEA input that caused Sea Scan Survey to incorrectly report the GPS accuracy for RTK GPS's. The fix provides a better estimate when using RTK GPS's with Sea Scan Survey.
    • None.

  • V2.7.0 July 2011
    Sea Scan Survey - Download   Sea Scan Survey V2.7.0 Download

    • Added the ability to save the Waterfall Captures in JPEG format.
    • Added an SOG readout and Overspeed indicator to the status bar.
    • Added the Current File readout to the status bar.
    • Added the ability to turn OFF sonar transmit for use in troubleshooting.
    • Added a center indicator to the Waterfall Markers.
    • Improved the accuracy of the Waterfall Markers.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed Waterfall Capture in Windows 7.
    • Fixed and improved the Report Generator. The generator used to hang up or take a very long time if there were waypoints present or on certain systems.
    • Updated the NOAA charts and added an option for the USACE Inland Waterway charts.
    • Updated the Towed System Drivers to use a different STU driver installer.
    • Global Sat (PL-2303) USB Serial Drivers now included with Towed System Drivers installer.

  • V2.6.0 February 2011
    Sea Scan Survey - Download   Sea Scan Survey V2.6.0 Download

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed opening of single .sds files.
    • Fixed the mouse cursor for the zoom tool.
    • Simulator occasionally reporting the incorrect time was fixed.
    • Fixed editing waypoint locations, it wasn’t being handled properly.
    • Fixed the simulator to work correctly on application startup if selected; it wasn’t reporting its full capabilities to the application on startup.

  • V2.5.0 January 2011
    Sea Scan Survey - Download NA

    • Added the current file to the Status Window.
    • Added a new File Control Window to let operators create files with a new file prefix while recording, to see what file is going to be created next, to view all files currently in the Survey, and to turn off automatic file saving.
    • Created a new file prefix naming convention that uses the current date instead of the word "FILE"; the ability to change this is still available, as always.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the frequency selection boxes to stop functioning.
    • Fixed the issue where the saved file prefix was not being loaded correctly on continuation of a Survey.

  • V2.4.0 March 2010
    Sea Scan Survey - Download   Sea Scan Survey V2.4.0 Download

    • Updated the S-57 Charts with newer version of chart software. This requires new compiled USA charts.
    • Added World Vector Shoreline to both the unlicensed free charts and to the licensed charts.
    • Added the ability to retrieve the USB License Key serial number and User Permit from the Chart Configuration window.
    • Replaced the Range & Bearing tool on the navigation plotter with a Map/Bearing Line that includes a projected swath.
    • Added the ability to set the starting navigation information such as location and SOG for the Simulated Sonar Manager. This allows the simulations to be set in any part of the world.
    • Changed the XTF conversion to save raw data as Linear sonar data when used in conjunction with the View Raw Sonar Data checkbox in the Image Adjustment settings.
    • Changed the selection of Waypoints in the Navigation plotter to include a green target bullseye when selected.
    • Changed the report logo image format to JPEG.
    • Added the ability to correct magnetic heading read by the sonar’s compass using NMEA data from the GPS or a manually entered correction.
    • Added support for the Mouse Scroll wheel. This easily controlled scrolling to the waterfall for easy review of the waterfall data.
    • Added the ability to turn the swath on/off in the navigation plotter.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the Navigation Plotter settings window so that it always can get a current navigation location (unless there is no navigation). There is no need now for the waterfall to be moving when review data.
    • Fixed an issue with the plotter centering properly.
    • Fixed an issue with the “No Plotter” option not updating properly when selecting to use it from the Navigation Plotter Settings.
    • Fixed an issue with switching between navigation chart types. You do not have to close and reopen Sea Scan Survey when changing chart types.
    • Fixed the plotter’s range setting to it updates every time and not just every other time.
    • Fixed the S-57 chart backgrounds so that they will clear properly when there are no charts available. They now have a white background when there is no chart available.
    • Fixed a crashing problem with the sonar drivers on closing the software

  • v2.3.0 June 2009
    Sea Scan Survey - Download   Sea Scan Survey V2.3.0 Download

    • Added a "Start A New File" option to the tools menu and shortcut key (Ins)
    • Make the Plotter measurement tools switch from Long Range Units to Short Range Units. When the measurement is less than 1/2 1 long range unit.
    • Created new version of the SDS stream to account make more robust against really bad data links.
    • Add a logo to the HTML report (defaults to report_logo.png).
    • Added Real Date and Time to: Status Dialog, Survey Settings, Survey Report
    • Created a help file based on the Sea Scan Survey Software manual. It is accessible through the Help menu or using the F1 Key.
    • Start the waterfall at 1x forward when a file is opened.
    • Added the NMEA Settings Page shortcut to the Sonar Data Waterfall view's right click menu.
    • Added a hyper mode to the discovery of the sonar capabilities... so it goes faster.
    • Added a sonar connected state called discovery. Also update to include red and yellow flashing settings for user attention.
      • Sonar Connected + Green - Sonar is Good
      • Sonar Connected + Yellow - Had Sonar Settings Error
      • Sonar Discovery + Yellow - Discovering Sonar Capabilities - Not connected yet
      • Sonar Not Connected + Red - Just what it says.
      • Link Error! - Had a problem with the USB or Network connection. Will try to reconnect. Please unplug and plug back in connect and/or check wires.
    • Improve the detection and display of open ports and ports used by Sea Scan Survey.
    • Make range and bearing tool readout turn colors based on Port or Starboard correction.
    • Added depth soundings, depth contours, and other chart features to the navigation plotter. These can be configured in the Navigation Plotter settings page -> Configure Button.
    • Removed Fathoms and Yards from the Depth Units (in order to accomidate the Depth soundings in the charts)
    • Added a configuration screen for the plotter types ... limited to just the S-57 Charts right now.
    • Change all Lat/Long from decimal seconds to decimal minutes - user selectable (decimal degrees, decimal minutes, decimal seconds, and UTM)
    • Added the ability to See Sonar Roll, Pitch, and Heading (Yaw) in the Status Dialog
    • Added the ability to detect when the USB port (or a serial port) goes bad. The connection status now will read "Link Error!" - the STU Sonar Manager will attempt to reconnect to the STU's USB port now too (AutoMagic!!!!)

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed startup serial port issues with the STU Sonar Manager
    • Fixed the survey wizard description so it wraps around and goes to the next line.
    • Fixed the ability to overwrite an existing Survey
    • Changed the Plotter's Waypoint tool to make a waypoint when double clicked instead of single click.
    • Fix the GPS quality indicator startup condition.
    • Fix the sonar range limit of 500 feet (this is too short) on the Sonar Control dialog. If in feet the max range is 1500 feet and increments by 10 feet.
    • Fixed the Sonar Control window increments of 5 not working when on units other than meters
    • Fixed data loading from the MRU.
    • Fixed the data loading from the File menu.
    • Fixed the initial update of the data windows (A-Mode, Status Window, Etc.) on loading of file.
    • Fixed the initial placement of windows on first time startup or when not loading registry settings.
    • Worked around crash on new window/control ID's for window placement.
    • Fixed the ability to display sonar data with 1 sample. On the older software this would cause the application to go into an infinite loop.
    • Fixed the right channel transducer index loading from registry on startup.
    • Fixed: Sometimes the application may lockup on exit when connected to a STU and Towfish.
    • Fixed: Sometimes crashes on startup after the splash screen due to the Global Sat GPS throwing empty strings? Fixes are in NMEA Manager and NMEA Parser to check for empty strings.
    • Fixed the NMEA settings page serial port enumeration to show all ports and label them as regular, USB, or virtual serial ports. Also fixed so that it works correctly always with the GlobalSat GPS's on the Toughbooks. Also added the hour glass when doing the auto serial port enumeration routine.... and added a refresh port list button.
    • Fixed: GPS serial port is not detected all of the time in NMEA sring setup.
    • Fixed: GPS Port Opening consistantly - especially on Toughbooks.
    • Fixed: Data & Control Glitching
    • Fixed: Range Delay Disable does not actually disable 1/2 of the time (every other time it is used)
    • Fixed: GPS Quality Indicator does not initialize or update intiailly correctly. Seems to indicate that the GPS is good when it isn't even connected.
    • Fixed: Frequency switch not always happening from Sonar Control panel.
    • Fixed: Navigation Timeouts (10 seconds)
    • Fixed the - select a marker in the marker management window and it selects(highlights) on the plotter.
    • Fixed the Marker Window to display "No Image" when a marker image cannot be loaded.
    • Fixed the Survey Report to bring up the Report Web page AFTER all markers and waterfall snapshots have been taken.
    • Fixed the Waterfall View so it does NOT stop when failing to load data. It marks the data as a blank line and as data loss.
    • Fixed & Verified the XTF conveter (it works a bit different now!)
    • Fixed the New Survey Dialog window so that it now defaults to My Sonar Data in the My Documents folder.