ATLAS North America Taking Orders for their Newest Side Scan Sonar


The newest and most advanced side scan sonar for AUV’s is now proven and operational! Atlas North America’s Scout Mk II Side Scan Sonar, the latest addition to the Marine Sonic Technology product line of sonars, is ready to satisfy the most stringent customer demands for high resolution underwater imagery.

The Scout Mk II is the next evolutionary step in sonar technological advancement. It’s the smallest, lightest, least power consuming and yet quite possibly, the best value in a side scan sonar on the market today. This compact configuration returns precious payload space to the AUV designers while still rendering underwater images of up to 0.4cm of resolution! The Scout Mk II includes transducers customized for each AUV, in frequencies from 300-1800 kHz, single or simultaneous dual frequency sonar, an efficient mounting interface, and a 600 m depth rating as standard. It can be custom built to satisfy the deepest water depth requirements. The Scout Mk II covers the spectrum.

“The Scout Mk II leverages the compact design of the Scout Lite sonar and offers a modular, versatile, and affordable sonar which, with its small size, is easy to integrate into any AUV”, said Sergio Diehl, President of ATLAS North America.

The Scout Mk II is a great addition to the Marine Sonic Technology product line of sonars, which are known for superb quality, ease of use, and are specifically designed for today’s challenging environment. The Scout MK II is an advanced side scan sonar for all AUV applications, but particularly well-suited to the new emerging micro AUV market. It will be available in towed sonar systems soon.

ATLAS North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH of Bremen, Germany and serves the U.S. market with a specific focus on naval mine countermeasures and high resolution imaging sonars for defense, first responders, and commercial use. ATLAS North America is located in Yorktown, Virginia, and is an industry leader in towed and AUV side scan sonar products.


ATLAS North America




The ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Group stands for maritime and naval solutions above and below the ocean surface. The company holds a leading position in all fields of maritime high technology, from command & control systems including radio & communication systems for submarines, surface combatants and mine warfare systems and ranging to heavyweight torpedoes, coastal surveillance systems and in-service support. ATLAS has established a worldwide customer portfolio. The electronics specialist is a company of ThyssenKrupp and has a workforce of around 2000 highly skilled employees.


Sea Scan® Survey 4.10.0

Sea Scan Survey 4.10.0 has been released! To help better serve our customers needs we constantly work hard to improve our software to fit your needs!


  • Added the slave signal statistics
  • Added Scout info to the Extended Status Window under the advanced settings.

Bug Fixes

  • The settable clip dialog box was missing
  • Changed the display settings of the main window status bar so that it is viewable on 1024 x 768 resolution displays
  • Moved :call: to CreateAlerts intoMnFrm (under status timer), so that alert will show up in the waterfall even if StatusDlg pane is not open.


  • None

Click below to download to Sea Scan Survey 4.10.0

Sea Scan® Ver 4.10.0 Software Download

Sea Scan® Survey Ver.4.9.0


  • Added User Settable Clip lengths.
  • Currently the user can only set the Clip length from 1 second to 24 hours at a specific point in a file. In the future, this can be expanded to allow the user to select a start and end time or a clip length to get the desired settings they want.
  • Added User Setting for adjusting the clip length of *.sds files after a survey has been completed
  • Added Alarms and Warnings to the GUI for:
    • Depth
    • Altitude
    • Roll
    • Pitch

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the XTF headers. The headers will now display the correct number of
  • channels and channel frequency in the *.xtf files.

Sea Scan® Survey Ver.4.7.0

Download the latest version of our Sea Scan® Survey to see all the great new features that we have added!


  • Added support for the ARC Explorer pressure sensor towfish accessory.  This gives the software Sonar Depth which integrates with Layback/Position calculations and other features of Sea Scan Survey.
  • Separated Sonar Depth and Water Depth.
  • Added support for 4 channel simultaneous viewing.  There are now 2 waterfalls, a master and a slave.  The slave waterfall can be used with normal 2 channel data as well to inspect and marker targets while the main waterfall shows current data.  It also supports other neat features as well.  See the manual for more information.
  • Added jump to marker option for the Slave waterfall.  When this option is enabled the slave waterfall will automatically jump to any new markers made on the master waterfall.  Useful for analysis of markers while collecting data.
  • Added support for 4 channel data throughout Sea Scan Survey.
  • Changed the waterfall capture to a Sea Scan Survey screen capture so that the plotter and other data display windows will show in the captures to go along with the reports.
  • Rearranged the settings pages to add the Slave Waterfall view as it has its own waterfall feature settings, image adjustments, zoom settings, etc.
  • Main window caption bar now tells the user if it fails to open a file, what file is open, and instructs the user to start a survey if needed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Survey Report generator.  It failed to generate a report properly in V3.10.0.


  • None